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Vodavi Starplus STSE Voice Mail

Vodavi Starplus STSE Voice Mail


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8-Port X 3-Hour X 66-Mailboxes Expandable to 9 Hours

Some of the Unique features of the Vodavi Starplus STSE In-skin Flash Voice Mail are: the voice mail mounts inside the Starplus STS ksu, the In-skin voice mail does not from the physical expansion of the phone system, as affordable priced as the Starplus STS voice mail card is at $999.00 if not purchased in a kit.  The Starplus STSE voice mail is an 8-port voice mail system that will cover the needs of most small businesses.  Other features are: users can check there voice mail from any touch telephone remotely or form onsite, Answering Machine Emulation provides live call screening, Automated Attendant allows callers to direct their calls with out a phone attendant, Pager Notification and time and date stamp of new voice mails, allows the end user the ability to change their personal greetings, Message Waiting Lamp on all 24-Button and Starplus single line telephones.

  • Live Call Screening/Answering Machine Emulation
  • Automated Attendant
  • Automatic Routing
  • Dial-by-Name
  • Menu Routing
  • One Touch Record
  • Pager Notification
  • Password Protection
  • RAN Announcement Mailbox
  • Smart Transfer
  • Time & Date Stamp
  • Voice Messaging


Vodavi Starplus STSe 6-Hour Voice Mail Memory Module for Flash Voice Mail

Adds 6 more hours to an existing Starplus STS Flash Based voice mail system.

Call for Availability and Pricing 800 619 9566





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